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Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

If you’re thinking about undergoing treatment, it’s natural to wonder how safe permanent makeup is since the thought of a needle on your face often sounds scary. However, it is a completely painless and safe treatment. 

Permanent makeup has been around for a long time, so there has been plenty of time to study its effects. All possible side effects and the circumstances under which they can occur are known, as well as ways to predict and prevent them. In this article we give you a green flag to choose permanent makeup. Keep reading. 

Getting Permanent Makeup Done is Completely Safe

Permanent makeup is a tattooing technique that can leave you with full eyebrows, tinted lips, and defined cat eyes for years without the need for products. It is very similar to a tattoo because of the tools used but is almost painless and safe. However, there are exceptions; there are many factors to consider beforehand to avoid any complications or infection. 

  • The key to zero concern during the procedure is to rule out allergies to any pigment. Before performing the procedure, the expert in charge should do a test, or you can consult with your dermatologist to rule out any allergies. 
  • Also, post-procedure care should be taken very seriously since it can become infected if you don’t take measures such as not wearing makeup for 72 hours, not exfoliating your skin, and others. 

Take Into Consideration These Recommendations 

Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Carefully choose the type of permanent makeup you need. Don’t make a decision based on trends.
  • Check that your tattoo professional is experienced and accredited to perform the procedure. This way you will have more peace of mind. 
  • Be sure to consult your dermatologist if you suffer from a lot of allergies. 
  • Verify that the procedure is performed with sterilized instruments and spaces. 

Forget About Quick Touch-ups and Choose Permanent Makeup

While permanent makeup is a common and popular procedure and is usually well-tolerated, complications can arise. This is why selecting an experienced and certified cosmetologist is the best decision for you. If you are looking for all of the above, Envious Ink offers the best on permanent makeup in Madisonville, KY, quality standards, certified specialists, and above all with quality vegan products. Contact us today for your initial consultation.


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