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Frequently Asked Questions

Brows – $450 and up

Eyeliner – $250 and up

Lip Blush – $500 and up

3D Areola Reconstruction – price varies, please email

Lifting Sessions – $199 and up

Scar Camouflage – $199 and up

3D Belly Button – prices varies, please email

Yearly touchups – half price of original service

Brow or liner perfecting session up to 6 months after original appointment – $50

Lip Perfecting session up to 6 months after original appointment – $100

Brow or Liner perfecting 6 months to a year – $100

Lip Perfecting session 6 months to a year – $150

I’m so excited that you have chosen me for your permanent makeup needs! Please feel free to reach out to me @ enviousinkcosmetics@gmail.com and we can further discuss your appointment needs.

Yes! Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing although if you’ve seen my pictures it looks nothing like a traditional tattoo. Permanent makeup pigments are designed to fade over time to allow a more natural look. I am trained in the latest techniques (and constantly learning new ones) to create the most soft and beautiful look for you that will result in amazing makeup for years to come.

We make every effort to put your health (and of course your baby’s) first and for that reason we do not work on expectant or nursing mothers. We generally like for you to be at least 6 months post partum or completely finished breastfeeding in order to come in.

I’d love to try! If you would, send a few pictures of your brows, lips, or eyeliner with no makeup on and in good natural lighting that would be great! Also let me know how long it has been since you have had work done.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer for this but I’d be happy to discuss options. If you could email me to tell me more information about why you would like to change artists along with pictures of your current permanent makeup (no makeup on, natural lighting) I will be happy to take a look. Please do not book an appointment with me until we have discussed. You can reach out to me @ enviousinkcosmetics@gmail.com.

This is my favorite technique for brows! I create a soft pixelated brow that will heal to very natural filled in look. This brow works great on all skin types and will age beautifully.

Microblading is the art of creating small strokes in the brow to resemble hair. This technique is not suitable for all skin types and often does not look good alone. Most often this technique should be paired with a soft powder technique to create a fluffy full brow. My goal as an artist is to always create the perfect brow for each individual.

Microblading is the art of creating strokes in the brow with a hand tool to mimic hair. It is not always the best answer for all skin types and never looks good when done alone. It needs to be combined with shading done by hand or machine.

It’s a pretty simple procedure! When you come in for your appt I go over everything in detail with you about the procedure, what to expect during healing and aftercare. Then I work on creating an outline for your brows, lips or liner. Once that is perfected I apply an anesthetic to keep you completely comfortable! (I’ve actually had people fall asleep in my table) Once you are numb, I start to work on your brows. I typically say allow for about 3 hours.

We can work around most medical conditions but it is important to notify me of any and all medical history so that we can make the best informed decision as we move forward. Please reach out to me to discuss prior to booking an appointment.

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