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When new brows = perfection 🤌🤌🤌I LOVE when I'm tattooing skin, and it feels like butter………smooth, perfect pixels!!! Whew How gorgeous is this gal but even more so now that she has the perfect frame!?! My books are filling quickly for the spring so make sure that you have your spot locked in! Enjoy gorgeous brows all summer, or all year, really, but def summer without worrying if they will wipe off!!! ️ DM us with any questions! 270-270-452-2259 (leave a message please) 🖥 enviousinkcosmetics@gmail.com

Whew, football can wait……. How about these new brows?? 🩷 When correcting previous work, there are many things to consider! It's important that your artist can see past the old style to create the best enhancement for your face. We want to make sure we aren't accentuating the wrong things. My client has a very high natural arch, which is BEAUTIFUL if the right features are enhanced, BUT if we only go on natural brow hair, it can leave the client feeling like they look angry. In order to create balance, I added a little to top of the front of the brows, brought the arch down a tiny bit, and……..Dang girl! Now we let them heal and trust the process then in 6 weeks, we will perfect! It's highly likely we will go a touch darker on color, but these are sooooo pretty! Now continue with your Sunday 🩷

I don't always fix someone's else's mess, but ohhhh, when I do 🤌 Honestly, we are lucky that it wasn't worse than this! This artist (not in my town, btw) consistently creates work that they should be ashamed of! I am so tired of even being nice about it at this point. It's BS and honestly, the person lacks any integrity at all by doing the things to women's faces I've seen. In so many cases, I have to turn these clients away because the work is so bad it has to be removed first. It's ridiculous and then to see stolen work on their page being advertised as their own 🤬Whew…..I'm gonna need to calm down. I know I can't save everyone from bad work because some just choose cheap (and that's on you boo) but if you are doing your homework and care about how your liner will age long term then let's chat! So many people fall victim to bad work because they either price shop, don't research their artist, or want something done fast. If there is only one good pic on their page, I promise you it's not their normal (or it's stolen 🤷‍♀️) Look for consistency in what the artist produces! Look at pricing! I promise if you are doing liner right, you can not even set up your room for $100, much less produce good work because you've not spent a small fortune on training. Good artists aren't expensive. Rather, they are highly skilled and trained and worth their pricing. There is a difference! Check out websites, reviews, and talk with the artist! Know we say no sometimes! I won't do anything to compromise the integrity of your skin or your face long term. Good artist NEVER ask you to come in with your liner how you draw it!!! For one, that's disgusting and unsanitary to tattoo over that mess, but two, we will design based on what your lid space is capable of holding. We also keep you comfortable! My clients are never in pain! Some even fall asleep, and this client was shocked at the difference. OK ok you get the point…..don't bargain shop your face, please! You're too beautiful to have crappy permanent makeup ️🫶